Award Winning Design

Award-winning interior designer Nancy Sanford has been working with residential and commercial clients in Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Mountain resort areas for more than 20 years.

Interpreting your ideas and vision, Nancy uses colors, patterns, and styles to enhance the beauty of your home or commercial space. She also works with you to make the best practical use of your space, improving the functionality and flow.

Her interior design work has been featured in many major publications, including 5280 Magazine, Colorado Homes and Lifestyles, Better Homes and Gardens, The Denver Post, and Colorado Expressions.


Nancy offers a complete array of design services, including space planning, lighting, furniture, remodeling, new construction finishes, construction documents, management, and more. She works with experienced and reputable builders, furniture-makers, and artisans who can assist in completing your interior design project.

Nancy has completed a wide range of design projects, ranging from large estates to lofts to corporate offices.


Nancy Sanford helps clients “discover what they really want” in a room, home or commercial space.

One of the keys to interior design is providing just the right amount of input. “I can be hands-on or hands-off, or anything in between,” says Sanford, who writes a bi-weekly design column for the Vail Daily (see the Articles page for samples).

“Some clients want a quick turnkey solution while others want to partner with me and get really involved. Some clients will give me a little bit of an idea and ask me to run with it. Ultimately, it’s all about creating an interior design that works.”


In addition to a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts at Tufts University and a degree in Interior Design from the Colorado Institute of Art, Nancy has traveled extensively through Europe and Asia.

Her unique background has enabled her to take fresh, innovative approaches to interior design. “Seeing different interior designs in various cultures really opens my eyes to new possibilities,” she explains. “It enables me to offer many more options.”

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