bulgari-resort-bali 2594627_w

While traveling around Indonesia, I was blessed with a stay at the Bulgari Resort in Bali. The interior design and exterior design is out of this world. I was blown away!

One of the many outstanding things was the use of lanterns.

The top picture shows the restaurant that has terrific ocean views and 20 or so electrified lanterns hanging overhead. It sounds busy but in reality it was surprisingly still and romantic.

The lower picture is of the entrance to the villa that we stayed in.  A single very high, arched modern sculptural lantern spots the entrance. Besides the sheer spectacular beauty it was very practical. A source of direct light high above provided a nice shower of light.

For me, the interior and exterior design of the Bulgari will stay in my mind for a long time (probably forever). I can recall so many details, like I am there right now.  I suspect that’s because the details were so remarkable.