Depending on where you live, designs may vary

I create interior designs for homes in various regions of the state – in the mountains, city and country. The basic technique and process is virtually the same for all. I study and analyze the architecture, layout and style of each structure before exploring various...

All those Books

What to do with all those books I am experiencing a personal interior design dilemma. Neither my home nor my office has enough space for all the art and design books that I have been collecting for decades. It’s an ongoing debate: Should I keep them? Give them away?...

Design With In Reach Denver

  The upholstered sectional and chair are from the new collection for DWR called Costura  Sofa Collection.  It is designed by the brilliant designer Jon Gasca.  I appreciate the contemporary design and the comfortable feel.  

Interior Design Vail Colorado

Hard to believe the four seasons in Vail will celebrate its 6th anniversary this year.  I remember writing about the excitement surrounding it’s opening.  The interior design has aged very well, the patina makes the space feel warmer.