I love those awesome glass-covered courtyard buildings scattered all across Europe? They take outdoor spaces and turn them into these incredible indoor courtyards. Once you step inside, it’s like a “wow” moment! The whole interior gets flooded with sunlight, and the rooms feel so spacious and tall. And you can’t ignore the crazy amount of extra space they create – it’s terrific.

Take a look at the photos of the Villa Copenhagen. They’re like the perfect example of how these glass-covered setups make these massive, open spaces.

Sure, I’ve seen similar things done in the US, but there’s this extra romantic and unique vibe when you see it in Europe and beyond. It’s like these spots blend history, innovation, and architecture in the most captivating way. European streets already have so much character, and then you toss in these sleek glass structures – it’s like a design lover’s dream come true.

Like me, If you’re someone who’s all about cool spaces, these glass-covered courtyards are totally a thing. They’ve got that universal appeal, managing to mix modern style with classic architecture effortlessly.