When embarking on my travels, my motivation goes beyond the usual tourist attractions, art, culture, and local cuisine, finding the ideal accommodation becomes equally crucial. Hence, during my recent exploration of Scandinavia, I discovered Ett Hem, an extraordinary house hotel nestled in the heart of Stockholm. Ett Hem stands apart from  other establishment by epitomizing the true essence of a “house hotel,” where guests feel like cherished visitors in a personal residence, all while benefiting from the expertise of seasoned hospitality professionals. Consequently, it has rightfully claimed one of the top spots on my list of hotels worldwide, as the term “hotel” seems too impersonal to encapsulate the haven that truly feels like a home away from home.

 The allure of Ett Hem lies in its ability to create an interior design that simultaneously exudes warmth and comfort without ever becoming mundane. It masterfully strikes a delicate balance between elegance and sophistication while maintaining a refreshing casualness. The furnishings, with their inviting coziness, provide various spaces for engaging in lively conversations or seeking tranquility in peaceful corners. The eclectic mix of contemporary furniture and vintage furniture pieces, embellished with color and unique touches, adds a delightful wow factor while ensuring comfort. The overall interior design style can not be articulated. The meticulously restored architecture, dating back to the 1800s, showcases the beauty of strong moldings and traditional paneling. The attached pictures speak for themselves—the living room’s round sectional, captivating blue and white chairs, with exquisite moldings and paneling are irresistibly alluring. And don’t miss the the vintage armoire—Ett Hem provides an open bar operating on an honor system. There are wonderful snacks throughout too. (I could write an entire blog about the fabulous restaurant).

From the moment I stepped into Ett Hem, the experience completely captivated me. The hotel transformed into an enchanting experience akin to a museum, momentarily overshadowing the need for sightseeing. Every detail beckoned exploration, leaving an indelible impression and serving as an abundant source of inspiration.  Allow me to share photographs of my hotel room, one of the dining rooms, one of the living rooms and  porch—it showcases their extraordinary breakfast at Ett Hem, featuring homemade breads, jams, and farm-to-table delicacies. Throughout Sweden, restaurants prioritize serving sustainable and farm-to-table foods, and Ett Hem wholeheartedly upholds this commitment.

In summary, Ett Hem in Stockholm impeccably exemplifies the concept of a house hotel, offering an enchanting and homely atmosphere that transcends the boundaries of traditional hospitality. It provides a rare opportunity to embrace a thoughtfully crafted interior design while indulging in the comforts and pleasures that only a place like Ett Hem can offer.

Additional information: The first image presented at the top of the post showcases a photograph captured inside the original building, which was inaugurated in the 2010s. Conversely, the following six photographs display rooms from one of the two newly constructed hotel buildings that were opened in 2022.