The East End of Long Island is a very special place for me.  I have fond memories and I just love being here…spectacular beaches, interesting little towns, galleries and wonderful food.

This is going to sound strange but It looks  different  here too.   I have heard other artist say the East End has unique natural sunlight.  For me its that and more.  I see light here as if it originated from a prism – this is hard to explain.

A highlight of every trip to the East End is the Parrish Art Museum, a one of a kind exhibition space that captures the essence of the area – arty, still, light and unique. Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Neuron and Ascan Mergenthaler formed a partnership and prodcued this wonderful structure.

The building’s construction is post, beam and truss which allows the space to have an open artist studio feel.

Around the perimeter of the exterior walls is a concrete built-in bench.  The bench humanizes the building by introducing a human element and scale to the structure.