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Luxury Denver Interior Designer: Award-Winning, One-On-One Exclusive Partnerships

Collaborate with Nancy Sanford, an award-winning luxury interior designer for your bespoke project. Nancy has relationships with artisans and custom furniture designers around the world, allowing you to truly dream big and actualize your luxury design vision.

Luxury Denver Home Design That Transforms Homes Into Havens

Luxury Design, Trusted By People Like You

Nancy Sanford has the “wow” factor. I have used this amazing designer for many projects.

She comes on-board with enthusiasm and knowledge. Nancy doesn’t bow down to fads.

Her design and furniture selections are timeless. Nancy is a “must” for interior design.

Lorie G.

Nancy is a creative genius!

Our new home by far exceeds the vision we had. We hired her early in the process of building. The changes she suggested to the initial design took our plans from custom to artistic.

I’m blown away by the finished project. I’ve truly never seen a nicer home. Thank you, Nancy!!

Jennifer S.

Nancy Sanford is an extraordinarily gifted interior designer in every way.

I worked with her for several years on a custom home.  I am absolutely thrilled with the results! Nancy is an  excellent listener.  She genuinely cares about truly understanding what her client wants.

Linda L.

Her exclusive, high-end custom designs attract attention.

One of Denver’s coolest interior designers

It’s so whimsical you expect to see angels flying through the mansion

Luxury Requires A Personalized Design Experience

Working With Nancy is Much Different From Working With Other Large Denver Interior Design Firms

Collaborate exclusively with Nancy

to bring to life a distinctive design vision that reflects your unique style.

Nancy creates spaces that are uncommon

She integrates exclusive materials and finishes that are not typically found in mainstream retail outlets. Moreover, she can offer valuable suggestion for experienced builders and artisans with the necessary expertise

The project is done at your speed

whereas with larger firms, bureaucratic processes can heavily delay timelines.

Let’s Design Your Luxury Home Into



FAQs About Our Luxury Interior Design Services

How do you go about procuring custom furniture, decor, or finishes?

Nancy has cultivated relationships with artisans and furniture designers across the globe. Remaining at the forefront of design trends, she strategically specifies high-end furnishings, demonstrating a keen understanding of their unique contributions to comfort and uniqueness. Nancy excels in leveraging top-notch furnishings to craft exceptionally distinctive designs. She recognizes the enduring quality, superior feel, and distinctive richness of finely crafted and uniquely designed furnishings, lighting, and handmade materials. These pieces, crafted by artisans and furniture designers without compromises, boast enhanced aesthetics and intricacy. With decisions made by specific artisans rather than a boardroom, Nancy brings her expertise to surpass expectations, creating truly customized solutions to fulfill your luxury interior design vision.

Do your one-of-a-kind luxury designs go beyond furniture and spatial design?

Nancy goes beyond the mere selection of furniture and space planning in her interior design expertise. She stays ahead of trends and possesses knowledge in tiles, lighting, countertops, plumbing fixtures—both trending and timeless classics—when specifying elements for your project. Additionally, she specializes in designing custom doors, moldings, and built-ins, collaborating seamlessly with architects and builders to optimize space utilization. With a background in luxury homes across Colorado and beyond, Nancy prioritizes quality, uniqueness, and optimal functionality in every project. Her extensive experience allows her to discern and ensure top-notch quality in construction, overseeing sub-contractors to guarantee the highest standards are met.

Luxury design can mean a lot of things - how do you ensure you match my style?

Nancy understands that your design style is unique and based on your individual personality. Since the design experience is one-on-one and heavily customized, Nancy can meet your exact design expectations, whether you’re looking for opulent luxury, chic luxury, or modern luxury.

More Of Our Luxury Interior Design Testimonials

I wake up and come downstairs and think I am really blessed to be able to live here! It’s such an aesthetic pleasure, very warm and homey

– Arlie M.

I have been working with interior decorator Nancy Sanford for the past 13 years.  We have worked together on four houses including one out of state.  Her interior design services have ranged from providing architectural design and detail to supervision of contractors to installing beautiful furnishings.   Her work is outstanding and she is fun to work with.  I would strongly recommend her!

– Terri R.

Nancy worked with my wife and me on the design of our new condominium.  If we ever bought another home, I would definitely hire Nancy as our interior decorator again.  No matter what element of the interior design was involved, Nancy was open to looking at a variety of options-she was a never ending source of creative ideas.  If the first option weren’t chosen, she quickly brought even more creative options to the table.  Nancy handled every situation with integrity.   Nancy worked very efficiently, communicated clearly, and made the normally stressful process of designing a house, an enjoyable one.

– Scott L.

Nancy designed my kitchen; her super keen eye for detail helped me to add touches of style and class that my own eye isn’t capable of knowing to add. I love everything about this new space, it feels warm and sophisticated at the same time. Nancy also taught me elements of style which I never realized, for example the knobs and pulls are functional but add jewels to my kitchen, like adding jewelry to a nice outfit.

– Patricia T.

Nancy has impeccable taste, takes feedback well, collaborates, and is relentless in maintaining her standards of quality. I highly recommend working with her on any design project!

– Raine R.

Our goal was to create a more contemporary feel to the kitchen, laundry room, living room and entryway. She chose mostly contemporary furniture and accessories but also mixed in antique pieces, such as a 1930s platform clock and vintage black-and-white photographs. This kept a contemporary look but also maintained the integrity of my turn-of-the-century home. Nancy really transformed the rooms into something special. Well worth the money and highly recommended.

– Steve H.